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For the Love of Sophie hosts two events per year - one geared towards children, the annual Fairy Tale Ball, and the other for adults, The Annual "Event".  Through both of these events and with help from Sunnies for Sophie Sales, the foundation raises funds for research (via St. Baldrick's), for programs and services at the Albany Medical Center's Journeys Program (where Sophia received treatments), and for local children and their families struggling with pediatric cancer. 

Please visit our Projects and Events Page to learn more about these wonderful efforts!

About Us

For the Love of Sophie is a 501c3 organization founded by Denise and Dan Rossetti in memory of their beautiful daughter, Sophia Rossetti, who passed of hypodiploid acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 6.  After suffering this enormous loss, Denise and Dan struggled to figure out how to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward.  Together, with their 6 other children, they searched for a way to honor Sophia’s strength and unbelievable grace and dignity. 

Sophia had an energy that was infectious and charisma that was undeniable.  While she encouraged her family to accept what was happening, and guided them through the difficult days of decisions and grief, she still managed to find ways to look after the other children in her hospital wing.  She was always concerned for others and found ways to make everyone else feel better, all while she valiantly fought to overcome her disease. 

For the Love of Sophie is dedicated to creating a healing environment in which the pediatric cancer patient’s wishes are given the utmost consideration to enhance his/her quality of life.

If you would like to reach out to us, or perhaps get involved with our committees and efforts, please email us at


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